University of Pittsburgh Medical Center | 2016-Present

Abstract (pending review): Gangloff, S., Zaher N. (2018). "Quantitative Methods for Seizure Detection and Localization in Intracranial EEG." American Academy of Neurology, Annual Meeting, 2019.

Chapter: Gangloff, S. (2018). “UPMC Cardiology Handbook; Post Cardiac Arrest Care Chapter”. UPMC, 2018.

Poster: Steinberg, A.; Kenmuir, C.; Burke, D.; Gangloff, S.; et al. (2017) “Safety and Efficacy of Thrombolysis in Telestroke for the Extended Time Window” [Poster]. American Academy of Neurology, 69th Annual Meeting, Boston MA.

Jacobs Neurological Institute, University at Buffalo School of Medicine | 2014-2016

Book Chapter: Saini, V; Nadeem, M; Kolb, C.; Gangloff, S; Zivadinov, R.; Ramanathan, M; Weinstock-Guttman, B., Chapter 7 - Vitamin D: Role in Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis, In Multiple Sclerosis, edited by Alireza Minagar,, Academic Press, San Diego, 2016, Pages 127-152, ISBN 9780128007631,

Article: Heider, A; Maloney, N; Satchidanand, N; Allen, G; Mueller, R; Gangloff, S; Singh, R. (2014) "Developing a Community-Wide Electronic Health Record Disease Registry in Primary Care Practices: Lessons Learned from the Western New York Beacon Community," eGEMs: Vol. 2: Iss. 3, Article 7.

Stackpole/Rowman & Littlefield/Globe Books, Author | 2014-present

Two time author, including Amazon best-selling book on food dehydration, The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook, which includes the a step-by-step guide as well as science behind dehydration, including nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.

Book: Gangloff; Gangloff; Ferguson. Quick & Easy Dehydrated Meals in a Bag. Guilford, CT: Stackpole/Rowman & Littlefield/Globe, 2018. Print.

Book: Gangloff; Gangloff; Ferguson. The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook. Mechanicsburg: Stackpole/Rowman & Littlefield/Globe, 2014. Print.

Harvard Medical School, Joslin Diabetes Center | 2013

Performed research on intracellular mechanisms of insulin resistance in diabetes and pre-diabetes pathogenesis under scholarship from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

Presentation/Abstract: Gangloff, S; Coelho, AL; Patti, ME. (2013) “STARS Overexpression in Cultured Myocytes Induces Alterations in Downstream Insulin Receptor Signaling that Correspond to Insulin Resistance” [Abstract][Poster]. NIDDK Medical Student Research Symposium, Vanderbilt University.

State University of New York at Fredonia | 2010-2012

Performed research on molecular genetics and intracellular mechanisms of Drosophila protein-mRNA interactions, and their potential translation to human disease, as well as helped pioneer the technique of trimolecular fluorescence complementation (TriFC) in drosophila in vivo.

Abstract: Levensailor, N; Gangloff, S; Watson, A; Buenten, D; Ferguson, S. (2013) “Visualization of Sqd-grk Interactions in Live Drosophila Oocytes Using Tri-molecular Fluorescence Complementation (TriFC)”[Abstract]. GSA 54th Annual Drosophila Research Conference.

Presentations/Awards: Student Creativity and Research Exposition, SUNY Fredonia (2012), Honors Thesis Defense, SUNY Fredonia Biology Department and Selection Committee (2012)